It is said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Knowing this, why is it that so many of us continue to follow patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us?

And why is it that we can see those patterns far more clearly in others?


My mother once told me that you could do a lifetime of uncomfortable, but not a lifetime of unbearable. So, embrace unbearable, it brings about change.


Seeing as the only constant is change, which becomes more and more relevant and clear to me in this part of my life where huge spiritual discoveries and awakenings have occurred, it does seem I do display insanity by following old patterns of behaviour that don’t serve me.


I believe it is deeply linked to my belief that I need to “have” something in order to “do” in order to “be”. Neale Donald Walsch, one of my favourite authors, talks about this conundrum in his books, how we as humans think we need to “have” (eg money, attention, beauty) in order to “do” something in order to “be” something (happy), and we have the order wrong, or at least, not wrong, but not aligned in the way that will further our purpose to realize who we actually are.

And there it is!


One must choose to be, in order to do, in order to have. So, a decision must be made to be happy in order to do happy, which automatically gives you the experience of happiness. So, once again, as the ultimate creator of your life, you make a CHOICE to BE whatever it is you are experiencing.


Every now and again this completely opens up to my soul, and I completely “get it”. And the next day I get so frustrated with myself for falling into old patterns. The ones that tell me to incite attention, for that will prove love, for my pattern is to recognize attention as love, to somehow equate the two.


Of course love can involve attention, but attention doesn’t automatically equate to love.


Sometimes attention is just that. A brief pulling of focus onto yourself, transitory and relatively meaningless.


Relationships grow. If they stay where they always were, as “comfortable” as that may seem to the soul avoiding change, they will stagnate. Continually taking the trust in what is already there to the next level causes positive advancement, and for what is already established to settle, and for the concrete to set. Once you have the mix poured, you need to trust it and leave it to just be!!!


Once again, it’s making those conscious decisions all day, in every moment of now that brings your inner creator to full power and control. And ultimately, as much as we may think it would serve us to control another’s reactions, it is an illusion.


The only actions we ever control are our own. The choice is therefore to be fully aware, never attempting to blame others or make them in some way responsible for our joy, in what we ourselves have chosen as our own reality.


No one can ever provide you with joy if you do not choose it for yourself. The best gifts in the world are not gifts at all, if they are not desired as such from the recipient. So, desire and choose your gifts from the universe consciously, and receive them graciously when they arrive!


No one can ever provide you with love, if you do not choose it for yourself. You will doubt and question it instead of absorbing it. You can sit inside and debate the existence of the sun, the nature of light, and it’s truth, or you can walk into the sunshine and just absorb it, knowing that is there, accepting it.


No one can ever provide you with the knowledge of your own soul, but you. The great teachers can guide you, yet you yourself must trust your inner guide, the still small voice.


It is said one should teach what one needs to learn, so if I write about this subject enough times, I will absorb the lesson, it will become an integrated part of who I choose to be. I will change those patterns that no longer serve me. I will not choose to live in insanity where the mindcircles drive me crazy, I will choose differently, and consciously.


And I will keep on being aware that all I have to do is CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.