Who took God out of sex? And why?

The sexual act, by its very definition and purpose is designed to create life.

How is it logical on any level to remove the divinity, the god presence in sex?

We make certain unspoken agreements as a society. That there are certain things we all instinctively understand, that a mother will protect her child, that to take what doesn’t belong to you is wrong, that to kill another human is wrong, that sex is dirty..

Hold up.


Where did that one come from? It has certainly seeped into every culture and creed. An unspoken agreement.

Perhaps there was room for it when woman had no control over their own contraception, when we had to be so careful who we picked to reproduce with (if we were given that option), to teach extreme caution with who we chose to have sexual experience with.

But it’s no longer an agreement that works for us.

We live in a world where sex no longer merely holds sway as a reproductive option, but can actually kill you. Infect you with a disease that can take your life.

And so, we choose to talk even less openly than before, pushing knowledge and open discussion even further into the dark. Some will now cry “See!, we told you it was dirty! We told you it was bad! It must be, because it can kill you!”

Life kills you. Eventually. That’s pretty much standard for all of us.

Isn’t it time for us to hold the conception (excuse the pun) of putting God back into the bedroom? After all, there are no atheists in orgasm…

Seriously though, why do we not teach our children and ourselves a different approach to sexuality? This place where our DNA evolves us into new generations, the very essence of life is given and received, pure pleasure can be experienced in our bodies, with the parts of us designed by God to achieve this process.

Teach privacy, sure. Teach respect for the process, with both a technical and emotional outlook. Sex is an arena of great and divine power, just as you teach your children to respect electricity, the power involved in creation and orgasm is immense and needs to be treated carefully.

But we just remove the electricity, teach it as “bad”, “evil” and “deadly”.

The hot plate can burn you, but it is not of itself an evil thing.

Sex can damage you, but it is not of itself an evil thing.

These unspoken agreements we have collectively agreed to as a society are damaging us as humans.

Orgasm releases chemicals in the human body that can lead to well being, satisfaction, and happiness. It seems we’d rather not get it that way and pop a pill instead. Really natural that. Considering we have a method designed for centuries to relax and settle us.

We need to put God back into the bedroom. Not to inspire guilt, but to remind us of where this energy of creation originates.

And how complete and utterly divine that is by definition.