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“The main headline, in my view? The new science has established a radically new insight: that there is such a strong brain-vagina connection in women that many of the neuroscientists whom I interviewed called it “a single system”. More remarkably, few of us know that when a woman has an orgasm – and, even before that, when she feels empowered to think about pleasurable sex, anticipate it, focus on how to get it, and feels in control of and knowledgeable enough about her body to know she can probably reach orgasm during sex – her brain gets a boost of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Then, in orgasm, opioids and oxytocin are also released. This experience does not just yield pleasure, a fact that is well known; it also yields specific states of mind.”

(Naomi Woolf – Vagina)

Woman, Know Thyself.

So many women experience a sexual awakening in their 30’s and 40’s that it’s mainly women of this age group that I deal with on a daily basis. Women whose neurotransmitters have awoken, and are experiencing new life on a sexual energy level. Many of these women also feel on a deep level that this experience is spiritual too, feeling a new awareness opening.

And so many of them feel horribly confused about what’s happening in their bodies, and what that could mean or change in their lives and relationships.

Because our world does not teach women what to do with this awakening, how to explore these energies consciously.

Not to mention very few spiritual or religious belief systems engage with a sexual awakening, or teach any practical methods on how to integrate this into mind, body and spirit.

The science is finally catching up, and teaching us how important orgasmic and sexual energy pleasure is for women, for health and chemical levels in our bodies.

The sad truth is, most women will still feel more comfortable taking a chemical produced in a factory, than letting the pleasure ability within her body naturally produce those chemicals.

And the question is, why?

How did we develop into a society where it’s more acceptable to take a pill, than learn how to open and fully utilize the natural and holistic pathways of pleasure in the body?

Tantric practice and massage techniques have been around for thousands of years. Long before antidepressants and libido enhancers.

Much of our sacred sexual bodywork (which does not mean sexual intercourse, but utilizing and building energies in the body) is often very challenging for those walking through our door to experience this. Those whose relationships and belief systems are steeped in a world where popping a pill is still more socially acceptable than having genital massage or bodywork done.

We have testimonial after testimonial that talks about how after a massage experience, or healing bodywork, women’s relationships are improved,  she’s having more fulfilling orgasms, more desire for sex, greater pleasure in eating, drinking, breathing, the lights are brighter, the world seems happier…

The world is changing. Physiotherapists are starting to walk down this path, realizing that internal massage, g-spot massage, Yoni massage and full body massages are essential to full body health, keeping energy flowing in the body.

It is also now becoming more widely accepted that sexual trauma cannot be talked out of the body, it also needs to be consciously and lovingly released with massage, it needs to be holistically approached. After all, we readily accept that you can’t talk away your backache, you’d go to a chiropractor, or have a sports massage.

We wouldn’t just talk about feeling full when we were hungry and hope that we’d feel fed would we?

Sexual awakening for women can often be a very traumatic thing. For a body hunger awakens that has very few known ways of being fed, and often those ways that are known can become destructive.

This is the danger period for unconscious sexual activity, anything that will feed this new hunger.

Many women even suppress this sexual awakening, deny it, because they have absolutely no idea what to DO with it.

Here’s the good news.

There’s a beautiful, gentle and safe way to open and explore this energy that can open you to this new phase, this new birth as a women.

Your beautiful awakening doesn’t need to be destructive. There are so many beautiful tantric practices and massages and healing techniques that can expand your sexual energy, your life-force, without chemicals, without guilt and fear, within your boundaries and safety levels.

When we touch you, or share with you, or teach you with love and consciousness, your awakening can be felt in your spirit and your sexuality.

We have so much to share with you in a way that respects your boundaries, and then afterwards is taken home with you into YOUR life, YOUR relationships, YOUR energy levels.

Whether we massage you and open your energy meridians.

Whether we show you on “Fred” and “Ginger” our latex models. Whether we talk you through processes to go home and try with your partner.

Whether we teach you how to be in an expanded orgasmic state on your own, or with a partner.

Whether we breathe with you, and guide you on energy techniques.

Whether we hear your tears, and listen to your sexual beliefs, and guide you on how to see things through pleasure and possibility, not pain.

Whether you decide to journey with us or not.

There’s a way, as a woman, to have your sexual awakening consciously, with boundaries, with pleasure, with respect.

The science is showing us as women that owe it to ourselves to honour, respect and pleasure our bodies!

This is the final frontier in consciousness, sexual energy consciousness, and we’d love to journey with you.

Come in and talk to us, or email us.